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My goodness May is a busy time for us in the Magical Cupcake Kitchen. We work carefully through order after order for graduation celebrations, weddings, first communions and confirmations, bridal celebrations and baby showers, and birthdays for all ages. As the May weekends progress, we adjust our start times from 4 am to 3 am, sometimes even earlier depending on the orders.

And then just like that . . . it’s done. The graduation parties are over, the wedding ceremonies are fewer in between, the big parties have been celebrated and everyone focuses on summer vacations and a little well-deserved R & R. We try not to feel a sense of let-down when the busy-ness goes to a much slower pace quite abruptly this time of year, because I know we can’t operate at that full-steam-ahead pace all year round.

Still, it’s so much fun to be a huge part of people’s special days and we love the excitement and the sense of pride that comes from knowing we worked hard and accomplished the seemingly impossible. You might not realize just how many graduations and birthdays and weddings we get to be a part of each weekend . . . and that’s ok! We know, and our hearts just warm with that knowledge. For us it’s about making sweet treats for your celebrations . . . but for you, the sense of accomplishment has to be so much greater, right?

I’ve thought of you a lot this May. I’ve thought of how hard you’ve worked to get your sons and daughters through grades K-12 (and even beyond), and about those long nights you’ve spent worrying as they’ve come home past curfew and you’ve wondered if all your worst fears had come true. I know that simultaneous sense of relief and frustration you’ve felt as they walked through the door and you’ve waited to hear the answer to your unasked question: “Where’ve you been?”

I’ve thought of you this May and how I’m sure you can’t even describe the jumbled mess of emotions you felt when you saw your daughter walk down the aisle dressed in white, her freshly-manicured hand resting lightly in her Daddy’s arm. I thought about how you worked obsessively hard to make the reception hall perfect because your little girl deserved nothing less. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed, even if you questioned your own sanity when you wrapped the columns with Spanish moss for a second time because the first time was just not . . .quite . . .right. It was breathtaking. And it all mattered so much to your little girl.

As we’ve made cupcakes for your celebrations I’ve thought of you a lot, thought about the 1st birthday party you had for your little girl last Saturday, the party with the pink and lime green theme. I know that right now you can’t even imagine a diploma in her chubby little hand or wrap your head around what it might be like to someday see your little one walk down the aisle on her Daddy’s arm because right now your daily vernacular is high chairs and diapers and “will you ever sleep through the night . . . please?”

But this season of little sleep and first steps and first birthday parties and daycare drop-offs and pickups will pass. I’ll be thinking of you then too, when it inevitably does. You are special, and worthy of all those thoughts.

Even though the special cupcakes for most of the celebrations this month have NOT been for celebrations about you . . . never for a moment question that YOU’RE the one who deserves to be celebrated, to be lauded. Moms (and dads), you’ve been the ones who have gotten them from there to here. Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath and look around at all that you’ve accomplished. Look ahead at all that you will still accomplish. Great job for all of your hard work and congratulations to YOU. Thanks for sharing all of your seasons with us.

With blessings and gratitude,

Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas

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