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Tournament of Cupcakes!

Get in on March Madness a different way by choosing your favorite cupcake! We’re narrowed down the field to 64 of our most popular flavors. Which of your favorite flavors will make it to the end? Fill out a cupcake bracket by April 2nd at 12pm for a chance to enjoy a dozen standard size cupcakes of your “Champion Cupcake.” (Mouse-over the cupcake image to see the name in the game)

To fill out your Tournament of Cupcakes bracket, click below.



What flavors will be in your championship?


Have fun!



❤️ Be a Valentine’s Hero. Read This. ❤️

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day we’d love to add a little sweetness to your day. The Cupcake Ninjas are busy preparing for our busiest day of the year, and we’ve created special packages to make your decisions easy. We’re sharing a few tips from the cupcake experts on making your Valentine’s Day the best one yet!

Pro Tips:

1) Include a handwritten card with your gift. Let’s be real here… most of us probably do most of our communicating via text or social media. Taking time to hand-write a note or card shows those you love what they really mean to you.
2) Loathing the fact that you don’t have that special someone to get you something on Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps your S.O. doesn’t have gift giving in their love language vocabulary? Instead of spending time thinking about what you’re not getting, spend your time giving. Think of someone you know who needs extra love on this Valentine’s Day. Gift them a little something special and you’ll feel all the feels after seeing their smile light up.
3) Girls sometimes say they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. Let me save you some heart ache: They don’t mean it. They want something. While they may not want an extravagant gift, they want to know that you’ve been paying attention to the little things all year long. (Hey…I just saw your eyes get really big as the thought, “I’m toast” just went through your head. It’s ok. Breathe deep and follow her Pinterest boards) You’ve got this!
4) Pay attention to the things she doesn’t like as much as the things she does like. A friend of mine said it took him 7 years to realize that his wife didn’t actually like flowers. Who knows, maybe she doesn’t like sweets? Are you buying those cupcakes for her, or for you?! 😉
5) If you really want to knock her socks off? Buy her two flower bouquets or two boxes of cupcakes! Hang on here….there’s a good reason for this! Tell her that one is for her, and one is for her to give to someone else. Giving your S.O. the opportunity to be generous will fill her heart more than any single gift for herself ever could.
6) Getting cupcakes? Order ahead online at https://goo.gl/iBLj1g. Skip the line and grab your prepaid order at our quick pick-up station, and be on your way in no time.

We’re excited for February 14th this year. Not just because we’ll get to see so many of you, but because we love seeing you help spread our mission of shining God’s love and making people smile with cupcakes! Together, we make our community better. Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

Baked from scratch. Baked with love. Baked fresh everyday.

Give us a ring at (605)310-6742 to order, or go Order Ninja by clicking here!

With sweet gratitude, The Cupcake Ninjas at Oh My Cupcakes!

Adore Package


Contains a mix of 12 different mini cupcakes: Party Animal, The Zebra, Pleasantville, The Marilyn(x2), Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown (x2), Lemon Drop, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss (x2).

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

N/A Standard  |  $19.50 Mini

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Beloved Package


Contains 4 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Standard size, 12 total.

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

$39.00 Standard  |  N/A Mini

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Cupcake Heart Bouquet


Twenty-one gourmet cupcakes frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and crafted into a lovely heart. A fondant heart tops the bouquet to wish your sweetie a Happy Valentine’s Day. Available in vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both flavors.

Please allow 4 hour lead time.

Available thru February 14th

$68.00 21 Cupcakes
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Smitten Package


Contains 2 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Standard size, 6 total.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$19.50 Half Dozen
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Contains a mix of 12 different standard size cupcakes: Party Animal, Pleasantville, The Marilyn, The Zebra, Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss, Little Red Dress, Peanut Butter Cheesecake.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$39.00 Dozen
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Conceal & Carry Cupcakes for Insiders!

Baby it’s cold outside! Warm up with one of our free Conceal and Carry cupcakes available only to our Cupcake Insider’s Club members! How do you join our Insider’s Club you ask?! Text CUPCAKE to 605-610-0759. Show the Cupcake Ninja at the counter that you’re a member of our Insider’s Club and we’ll give you a conceal and carry cupcake today with no questions asked! The Ninjas have baked up a limited edition special flavor just for YOU today, Friday, January 15th! We’re so thankful that you continue to support the crew at Oh My Cupcakes and continue to help us spread our mission of shining God’s love and making people smile with cupcakes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. While you’re here enjoy Crazy Days at the Bridges with our pop up shop from Oh My Word Luxury Paperie.  You’ll find 60% off ALL Christmas items and 30% off all 2016 planners (including kate spade new york) this weekend only! Or stop in to any Bridges merchant and you may win a random act of crazy! Stay warm, sunshine!


We’re Baking a Difference on National Cupcake Day!

Merry Christmas from the family of Cupcake Ninjas at Oh My Cupcakes! To us, Christmas is about family, about celebrating special moments and spending time with the ones we love. It’s about recognizing miracles and celebrating the birth of a baby who would save the world.

This month we’re saying THANK YOU to the community who has been so good to us, by giving back! National Cupcake Day is December 15th, (we’ve got big, fun things planned, you just wait!) and from now until that day, we’re collecting non-perishable food items for Feeding South Dakota at our Bridges at 57th Street location. Oh My Cupcakes! began as a family who wanted to “bake a difference” by doing bake sales to combat childhood hunger. We’re “baking a difference” together at Oh My Cupcakes! all this month. Thanks for partnering with us in this effort.

Finally, we’ve got big announcement coming towards the end of the month we can’t wait to share with you! We’re way excited, and we think you will be, too. Stay tuned. Give us a call if you need help preparing your big Christmas parties, or if you need help just putting together a few cupcakes for friends during your ornament exchange. We started as one family, and even though our family is a little bigger now, that’s who we still are. We’re honored when you let us be a part of your special moments.

With blessings and gratitude,

Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Packages, February Seasonal Cupcakes Now Available

This February, love is in the air at Oh My Cupcakes! To help you celebrate the special occasion with your loved one or significant other, we have created a scrumptious line of Valentine’s Day cupcakes and cupcake packages.

Our February seasonal cupcakes are:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Our signature chocolate cupcake infused with strawberry preserves, dipped in ganache and topped with fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries, then drizzled with melted semi sweet chocolate.
Standard, $2.75; Mini, $1.50

Cupid’s Kiss
A vanilla almond cupcake with cherries folded into the batter, topped with a light cherry vanilla buttercream.
Standard, $2.75; Mini, $1.50

Turtle Cheesecake
Our graham cupcake hugs a cheesecake middle and is topped with a dollop of cream cheese frosting, chopped pecans, then drizzled with caramel and melted chocolate.
Standard, $2.75

*All flavors can be purchased individually throughout the month of February.

Not sure what to get your Valentine this year? Surprise him/her with the perfect gift: a delicious OMC cupcake package! We are introducing four Valentine’s Day cupcake packages, in a variety of flavors and sizes, available for pre-order January 27 – February 14. One of them will be sure to put a big smile on your loved one’s face this Valentine’s Day!

Half Dozen Standard ($16.50)
Contains 2 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Turtle Cheesecake. Standard size, 6 total.

Dozen Standard ($33.00)
Contains 4 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Turtle Cheesecake. Standard size, 12 total.

Dozen Standard ($32.00)
Contains a mix of 12 standard size cupcakes: Party Animal, Pleasantville, The Marilyn, The Zebra, Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss, Little Red Dress, Turtle Cheesecake.

Dozen Minis ($16.75)
Contains a mix of 12 different mini cupcakes: Party Animal, Pleasantville, The Marilyn (x2), The Zebra, Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown (x2), Lemon Drop, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss (x2).

Pre-order your Valentine’s Day cupcakes and/or cupcake packages on our website from Monday, Jan. 27 through Friday, Feb. 14. Your cupcake order(s) can be picked up on Valentine’s Day, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., at Oh My Cupcakes! or you can choose to have them delivered (local deliveries only).

Thank you for choosing Oh My Cupcakes!

With blessings and gratitude,
Melissa & the Cupcake Ninjas at Oh My Cupcakes!

Thank you for attending the Ribbon Cutting!

This afternoon, Oh My Cupcakes! was officially welcomed into our new home at The Bridges by the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce with a ribbon cutting.

See the ribbon cutting photo posted by the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce on their Facebook page.

Joining us in the celebration were friends, family and supporters.

This has been an incredible journey! We appreciate everyone inviting us into their special moments by giving us the opportunity to serve your bridal and baby showers, your weddings and your birthday celebrations. We don’t take that for granted. We appreciate all of you supporting us.

If you haven’t been to our new location yet, please come check it out! We are located in The Bridges at 57th Street.

5015 S. Western Avenue, Suite 290
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Because we’ve gotta do something . . .

Do you feel like we do when you watch the news and see what’s going on in Oklahoma City? We feel pretty helpless here, knowing that we WANT to help, knowing that God is moving our hearts to take action even beyond giving money, but not knowing just how.  We are humbly offering you an opportunity to help, if you’d like.

You may remember that in January, our head baker Brianna and her family moved to OKC.  We have other friends there as well in ministry at OKC Community Church, and my dear friend Carrie is actually a teacher in Moore, OK.  We are so grateful that God spared our friends Jared and Brianna and their kids Connor and Emma, and Jamie and Carrie and their Tim and Micah Anne and their homes.  My friend Carrie has always been one of my heroes, but  her heroism in keeping her students at Red Oak Elementary School calm during the tornado and praying that God would protect them, has shown me once again what a wonderful, solid woman of faith she is!  I am so PROUD of our friends!

Still, we here back in SD wonder how we can help our friends and how we can help THEM help others?  Here’s our answer.  Jared and Brianna are rolling back into Sioux Falls TODAY and will be picking up supplies to bring back to OKC for the cleanup efforts.  Here are items most needed:

-Protein bars and wrapped/sealed single-serve snacks

-Diapers and baby wipes

-Shovels, rakes, saws, tools for cleanup

-Heavy duty trash bags

-Cases of water and Gatorade


-Work gloves

-Gift cards for any of the main chains (Wal Mart, Target, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, etc) where they could buy supplies when they get closer to OKC to purchase the much-needed supplies.

Here’s the important details:  They are leaving on SATURDAY so if you are led to donate, all donations must be dropped off to Oh My Cupcakes! at 4th and Main prior to our store close on Friday at 6 pm.  It would be cool if we filled their van so full that we had to rent them a U Haul trailer to pull behind on the way back.  We aren’t asking you or pleading with you to donate, just trying to provide you with an opportunity, as I know so many people are just like we are. . .feeling helpless and wanting to JUST DO SOMETHING.  Here’s your chance.  Call us if you have questions at 605.310.6742.  And thanks for being such a great community of giving!

Fiercely Determined

I read a quote once, and I’ve tried to make it a mantra to live by since I came across the words:

“I am fiercely determined to give more than I receive.”

I have been blessed and I have received in my life, more than I deserve.  And truly, I am fiercely determined to give more than I receive.

That’s a main part of this ministry we call a business, here at Oh My Cupcakes!  We love to give. . .and I mean we REALLY love it!  We do Random Acts of Cupcakes.  We donate to organizations as much as we are able. We give to Cure Kids Cancer and Children’s Miracle Network because we feel passionate about helping kids, and grateful that our own children are healthy.

Tomorrow, March 26th is Dining 4 Kids.  We want you to come eat cupcakes on March 26th.  Of course we want you to come eat cupcake every day.  But on this day in particular, we will be giving 20% of our day’s sales directly to Cure Kids Cancer. The money stays local.  It helps kids here, in our community.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a dear friend of the OMC staff and a great customer (these guys love their cupcakes) found out that their precious little baby girl has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).  Suddenly, no longer are we at OMC simply helping to raise money for a fantastic organization about which we are passionate. . .now we are raising money for what feels like one of our own family.  We are passionate.  We are fiercely determined.  And we are going to raise a TON of money to help give back into our own community.

Why?  Because we’ve been given much.  And to whom much is given, much is required.  We take this stuff kind of serious.  I think that’s called “passion”. Thanks for helping us fulfill our passion.

With blessings and gratitude,


Cupcakes and Creativity class at Oh My Cupcakes!

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a “Cupcakes and Creativity” class for women on Tuesday, Nov. 27 from 6-8 p.m. You will receive all materials and techniques to create one mini scrapbook. Please call us at (605) 310-6742 to register and prepay the $28 class fee.

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Christmas, Cupcakes & Cocktails

You cannot imagine the fun that is to be had next week at McNally’s! See tablescape ideas for the holidays, enjoy free appetizers, sample cupcakes, sip a cocktail, and get out with your girlfriends. Check out the McNally’s website for details. . . see you there!

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