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It’s that time of year again when everything is new. Life surrounds us, introducing something fresh to this world. It feels like the beginning of a new chapter as spring starts her work. She thaws the frozen ground beneath us and brings a brightness, coloring the upcoming season. With spring comes a fresh-feeling energy. Revival.

Before I get any further, you may be wondering who in the world is authoring these words, so I’ll clear the air: my name is Kelly Nelson and I am a 2016 graduate of Augustana University, a product of the English, Communications, and Religion departments. (Go Humanities!)


Nelson at Augustana University Class of 2016 Graduation. Photo Submitted by Pamela Nelson.

I fell into my role at Oh My Cupcakes! about 8 months ago as I searched for a new beginning in my post-graduate life. For those of you familiar with moving forward and starting over, that feeling is a dichotomy of both anxiety and relief. Luckily, in my post-grad job, I feel less like I gained a job and more like I gained a family. Though my blood-related family resides 180 miles away in Minnesota, I’ve never felt so at home in a place. Jumping (or falling) into post-grad life is nothing college can really prepare you for. But, like with any change of direction comes that new, fresh feeling, like putting on a brand new pair of shoes. In the beginning, there’s a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty, but with time, you slowly and surely ease into the shoes, gaining ground, reassurance and freedom with every step.


A group of cupcake ninjas pose around a custom cupcake cake. Photo Submitted by Mariah Logan.



The early morning crew is all smiles. Photo Submitted by Mariah Logan.

When you think about it, we are faced with newness every day. Today will bring something tomorrow never brought. New thoughts, new ideas, new interactions with people. Working in a customer service-oriented place, there is not much monotony. With every person that walks through the doors of Oh My Cupcakes!, walks a living, breathing, blinking story. Someone bringing something different to the day. Those of us that are fortunate enough to work at Oh My Cupcakes! realize that we are less in the business of cupcakes and more in the business of people.

That is the reason for this blog. Every day we hear stories from those we interact with: many stories making us laugh, many moving us to tears, and many we will never forget. We have discovered that cupcakes are not just simply a sweet treat, but a vehicle that forges connections with people.


People young and old gather in communion around cupcakes. Photo submitted by Mariah Logan.

Because of what we believe in at Oh My Cupcakes!, we wanted a place to share the stories we hear so that they might broaden your world as they have broadened ours. After all, without stories, our worlds would be so, so small. So, please, listen and tell. The world needs it. We hope with each day, you find newness in your story.

❤️ A Package for Everyone ❤️

Love is in the air, everywhere! Think Valentine’s Day doesn’t apply to you? Valentine’s Day isn’t only about relationships, it’s about showing love and appreciation to those around you! We’d love to help you send some special sentiments with one of our “sweet” Valentine’s Day packages or a cupcake heart bouquet. Our packages are great because you don’t have to guess what the best flavors are; we’ve selected them for you! View the full package details below and pick the one (or several) you want! Valentine’s Day is less than one week away, (yep, only a few days from today) so we wanted to be that tiny Cupid sitting on your shoulder, gently reminding you to get your order in SOON so you can be guaranteed just the cupcakes you’re looking for. Your sweetie will thank you.

Give us a ring at (605)310-6742 to order, or go Order Ninja by clicking here! With sweet gratitude, Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas


Contains a mix of 12 different mini cupcakes: Party Animal, The Zebra, Pleasantville, The Marilyn(x2), Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss (x2), Chocolate Cherry Reserve.

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

N/A Standard  |  $18.00 Mini


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Contains 4 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Cherry Reserve. Standard size, 12 total.

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

$35.00 Standard  |  N/A Mini


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Cupcake Heart Bouquet

Twenty-one gourmet cupcakes frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and crafted into a lovely heart. A fondant heart tops the bouquet to wish your sweetie a Happy Valentine’s Day. Available in vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both flavors.

Please allow 4 hour lead time.

Available thru February 14th

$65.00 21 Cupcakes



Contains 2 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Cherry Reserve. Standard size, 6 total.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$18.00 Half Dozen



Contains a mix of 12 different standard size cupcakes: Party Animal, Pleasantville, The Marilyn, The Zebra, Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss, Little Red Dress, Chocolate Cherry Reserve.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$35.00 Dozen



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

To moms like mine, who like cake more than flowers. You deserve flowers, cake AND so much more. We love you, Mom! Reserve this limited edition Cupcake Bouquet for your mom by calling 605-310-6742. Only a few more reservations for these gorgeous bouquets are available now through Saturday, May 7th.


Cupcake Bouquet

Conceal & Carry Cupcakes for Insiders!

Baby it’s cold outside! Warm up with one of our free Conceal and Carry cupcakes available only to our Cupcake Insider’s Club members! How do you join our Insider’s Club you ask?! Text CUPCAKE to 605-610-0759. Show the Cupcake Ninja at the counter that you’re a member of our Insider’s Club and we’ll give you a conceal and carry cupcake today with no questions asked! The Ninjas have baked up a limited edition special flavor just for YOU today, Friday, January 15th! We’re so thankful that you continue to support the crew at Oh My Cupcakes and continue to help us spread our mission of shining God’s love and making people smile with cupcakes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Introducing . . . Oh My Word Luxury Paperie

Our big announcement came out today. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce a new companion company will be joining Oh My Cupcakes! in the early part of next year.

Introducing . . . Oh My Word Luxury Paperie.

Website will be coming soon, but until then, please stop over to our Facebook page and give us a like. You’ll learn a bit more about the three of us as owners, our vision for the paperie, and you’ll see teases of new product lines we’re excited to be bringing into the store. We’ve got some light renovations ahead of us, so watch for updates and timelines coming soon!

Onward to new adventures and to celebrating lovely things. Cupcakes and beautiful, curated stationery. They go together pretty great, right?

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