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We’ve got you covered for Christmas!


We know time seems to be slipping away and the days are counting down to Christmas.

Panic? Nope. You can take a deep breath, sip your cocoa slowly, and smile because you don’t have to worry one bit.

Oh My Cupcakes! has you covered with treats for last-minute holiday parties, teacher gifts, and goodie exchanges.


Cupcake Wreath | $65

Twenty-two standard size cupcakes festively topped with hand-piped, edible fondant pieces.



Christmas Dozen  | $33

Our most popular flavors and seasonal favorites, decorated festively in one cute little package!



Tokens  | $3 each

Exchange a token in-store for any standard size cupcake. A perfect stocking stuffer!

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Available online with any cupcake order


Token Cards | $6 each

On the Most Wanted list from anyone with Secret Santa.

Available In Store Only


Cupcake Candles  | $20 Standard | $9 Mini

Relax in the sweet scent of freshly baked cupcakes with our brand new hand-poured soy candles. Available in eight scents with 30-hour and 70-hour burn times.

Available In Store Only

Whether it’s a treat to eat, a smile stuffed into a stocking, or a gift wrapped under the tree, you’ll find it at Oh My Cupcakes!

Create an order for in-store pick up or local delivery today, and enjoy these seasonal treats while they last!

With blessings and gratitude,
Melissa & the Cupcake Ninjas at Oh My Cupcakes!

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Oh My Cupcakes!

Oh My Cupcakes! is way more than a storefront that sells cupcakes. We want to invite you in and share some of our history and fun facts. We want  you to feel like we sell more than cupcakes, too.

In order for us to get to know each other a little better, we’ve compiled a list of 20 things that you may not know about Oh My Cupcakes!

We had so much fun walking down memory lane as we compiled this list, it originally started off as “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Oh My Cupcakes!” and quickly turned into “20 Things.”

So it begins…

#1 The first retail location of Oh My Cupcakes! opened her doors April 1st, 2010, thus beginning the start of a beautiful journey. Shoutout to Pamela Miller for being the first official customer!

#2 Our founding verse is “Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed” Proverbs 16:3.

#3 The store was nearly called “Cupcake Days.” Melissa’s five year old son, Brandon, inspired her when he started saying, “Oh My Cupcakes!” instead of “Oh My Goodness!”

#4 We have a secret menu item called the “Frosting Shot” where you can purchase JUST the frosting. We just warn you not to give it to your kids too close to bedtime…


#5 We use around 240 lbs of butter a week in our recipes. You know what else weighs 240 lbs? A female lion…fierce.

#6 We ship nationwide! We’ve shipped cupcakes as near as Mitchell and as far as Seattle to the Amazon headquarters.


#7 The New York Yankees have gotten a sugar rush from our cupcakes!

#8 We can put your face on a cupcake!!!!!!! Say what?! Talk to a Cupcake Ninja to see how in the world this is possible.

#9 In 2012, a  young girl that made it her mission to try every single one of our cupcakes..and succeeded. Could you beat the challenge?!

#10 Our current 57th & Bridges location opened her doors on August 6th, 2013.  Shoutout to Linda Blom for waiting outside even before our doors opened!

#11 Underneath nearly every surface in our Bridges location are handwritten messages from all the Cupcake Ninjas. Many left quotes, blessings to the workers that helped build the interior, and Bible verses. We wanted the foundation of Oh My Cupcakes! to hold words of love and gratitude for every person that steps foot through our door.

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#12 One of our biggest wedding orders was 97 dozen cupcakes…nearly 1,200 cupcakes. But what makes it better? The wedding was for a group of unlikely cupcake lovers: a bunch of burly bikers!

#13 When we deliver cupcakes, people often include a card message that we hand-write and attach to the box. One of our favorite card messages was going to a dentist’s office. The card read: “Thanks for fixing my jacked up teeth!”

#14 In 2013, Oh My Cupcakes! was honored to win South Dakota-Woman-Owned-Small Business of the Year with the Small Business Association.

#15 Melissa, the founder of Oh My Cupcakes!, wrote an interactive-inspirational leadership book about Oh My Cupcakes! called “Fingers in the Frosting.” She is currently working on her second book.


#16 Our busiest day is Valentine’s Day with well over 1,000 customer transactions. We bake everything fresh from scratch and begin that day between midnight and two a.m.


#17 Oh My Cupcakes! has twice been named on a list of top 50 cupcake shops in the nation, once ranking at #17.

#18 We have a fun way to bring the party home with you. We have these cool things called Party Kits! We include two cupcakes, a bag of delicious buttercream  and two pods of sprinkle and candy toppings.


#19 For all of you familiar with June Cleaver, she was one of the inspirations behind the elegant vintage theme to the store. We wanted a theme that was a nod to simpler times, where things like baking homemade, from scratch, and with love were important.

#20 We keep waiting for the day one of us is tired of eating cupcakes…still hasn’t happened! 

Our favorite thing is to get to know you, so we thought we’d offer a chance for you to get to know us.

❤️ A Package for Everyone ❤️

Love is in the air, everywhere! Think Valentine’s Day doesn’t apply to you? Valentine’s Day isn’t only about relationships, it’s about showing love and appreciation to those around you! We’d love to help you send some special sentiments with one of our “sweet” Valentine’s Day packages or a cupcake heart bouquet. Our packages are great because you don’t have to guess what the best flavors are; we’ve selected them for you! View the full package details below and pick the one (or several) you want! Valentine’s Day is less than one week away, (yep, only a few days from today) so we wanted to be that tiny Cupid sitting on your shoulder, gently reminding you to get your order in SOON so you can be guaranteed just the cupcakes you’re looking for. Your sweetie will thank you.

Give us a ring at (605)310-6742 to order, or go Order Ninja by clicking here! With sweet gratitude, Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas


Contains a mix of 12 different mini cupcakes: Party Animal, The Zebra, Pleasantville, The Marilyn(x2), Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss (x2), Chocolate Cherry Reserve.

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

N/A Standard  |  $18.00 Mini


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Contains 4 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Cherry Reserve. Standard size, 12 total.

Available On
February 13th & February 14th

$35.00 Standard  |  N/A Mini


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Cupcake Heart Bouquet

Twenty-one gourmet cupcakes frosted with vanilla bean buttercream and crafted into a lovely heart. A fondant heart tops the bouquet to wish your sweetie a Happy Valentine’s Day. Available in vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both flavors.

Please allow 4 hour lead time.

Available thru February 14th

$65.00 21 Cupcakes



Contains 2 of each February seasonal cupcake: Cupid’s Kiss, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Cherry Reserve. Standard size, 6 total.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$18.00 Half Dozen



Contains a mix of 12 different standard size cupcakes: Party Animal, Pleasantville, The Marilyn, The Zebra, Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack, Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Lemon Drop, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Cupid’s Kiss, Little Red Dress, Chocolate Cherry Reserve.

Available February 13th & 14th only!

$35.00 Dozen



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

To moms like mine, who like cake more than flowers. You deserve flowers, cake AND so much more. We love you, Mom! Reserve this limited edition Cupcake Bouquet for your mom by calling 605-310-6742. Only a few more reservations for these gorgeous bouquets are available now through Saturday, May 7th.


Cupcake Bouquet

Conceal & Carry Cupcakes for Insiders!

Baby it’s cold outside! Warm up with one of our free Conceal and Carry cupcakes available only to our Cupcake Insider’s Club members! How do you join our Insider’s Club you ask?! Text CUPCAKE to 605-610-0759. Show the Cupcake Ninja at the counter that you’re a member of our Insider’s Club and we’ll give you a conceal and carry cupcake today with no questions asked! The Ninjas have baked up a limited edition special flavor just for YOU today, Friday, January 15th! We’re so thankful that you continue to support the crew at Oh My Cupcakes and continue to help us spread our mission of shining God’s love and making people smile with cupcakes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. While you’re here enjoy Crazy Days at the Bridges with our pop up shop from Oh My Word Luxury Paperie.  You’ll find 60% off ALL Christmas items and 30% off all 2016 planners (including kate spade new york) this weekend only! Or stop in to any Bridges merchant and you may win a random act of crazy! Stay warm, sunshine!


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