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Some say they've seen mountains of frosting shaped so impossibly perfect that it could only be called frosting wizardry. Some say they've seen gigantic bowls of batter being mixed, lifted, and poured by none other than real-life cupcake superheroes. Some even say they've seen unicorns deliver the most colorful sprinkles and shiny dustings of glitter that the world has ever seen. What will you see in our Magical Cupcake Kitchen?

Kitchen Tours

per person (includes standard cupcake!)
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On tours, we cover a lot of information and have a lot of fun. They are best suited for children over the age of four, as younger children just don’t get as much out of the tour experience.

There is a 6 guest minimum and 10 guest maximum for tours (children + adults).

Tours Include

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Tours are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am and 12pm based on availability, and must be booked a minimum of one week in advance. Send us your contact information and an Oh My Cupcakes! Event Specialist will contact you to schedule your visit!

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