Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff you should know about Oh My Cupcakes!

We’ve compiled a list of our most asked questions. If you need additional information, please fill out this form or contact us directly at (605) 310-6742 and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Do you have Allergy & Nutrition Information?

Yes, we do! You can read about our suggestions, allergy details and nutritional information at

Do I need to order ahead, or can I just come in whenever and buy whatever I want?

Our cases are fully stocked each morning with freshly-baked cupcakes. We offer about 14-18 flavors each day. If you require more than three dozen, we ask that you call ahead (24 hours, preferred) and give us a heads up that you’ll be in. That helps ensure that everyone gets the cupcakes they’re after, and that we’re not sold out early.

What if I don't plan on enjoying my cupcakes today?

In case a few days pass before you enjoy your cupcakes, (although why would they, you should eat these little beauties right this moment) we wanted to provide some tips on keeping them fresh and delicious. View The Care and Keeping of Oh My Cupcakes! guide.

It’s my birthday! What can I get?

Hey, happy birthday! Get your party pants on and let us celebrate with you! Stop in for a free cupcake on your birthday with your ID. And of course, you can always come in and buy your birthday cupcakes here and we’ll be happy to set you up with the greatest birthday treats ever!

How big is the standard size cupcake in comparison to the mini size?

One standard size cupcake is equivalent to approximately 2-3 mini cupcakes. A size chart can be found within the product details page of each cupcake available in both standard and mini sizes (or just check it out now). Mini cupcakes are popular at catered events, such as weddings, amongst those wanting to try a variety of flavors and little tykes.

Tell me more about Nationwide Shipping.

Several of the cupcakes we make can be shipped nationwide. Cupcakes are shipped via FedEx overnight, so you can rest assured the product you’re receiving/sending is the freshest possible. When you create an online order, the date you select is the date on which the cupcakes will be delivered to their destination. Cupcakes can be delivered on the following days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Can you customize my cupcakes?

There are certain cupcakes that work well for limited amounts of customization, and certain ones that really look best just the way we prepare them each day. Cupcakes that can be somewhat customized include: Party Animal, Pleasantville, and Cloud 9.

Customization is a cost of 25 cents per standard sized cupcake or 15 cents per mini cupcake. Ask us about sprinkles or tinted buttercream to match your event’s theme, which can be done without additional charge. We can also tie in your event’s colors by changing up the cupcake liner to match (on orders of 2 dozen or more), based on availability of color, etc.

Call one of our Cupcake Ninjas and ask about what we’re able to do. Orders requiring any customization require at least 24 hours advance notice, and sometimes we just aren’t able to customize on busily-booked days. (We just want to give your cupcakes and everyone else’s as much care and attention as possible!)

Can I call ahead and order my cupcakes for pickup?

If you’re after onesies or twosies of many different flavors, come on into the store and we will be happy to serve you. If you’re browsing our selection and like what you see, feel free to call us in the morning or create an online order for pickup and we will pull your favorite flavors and set them aside for you to pick up later on.

If the flavor you desire is not available on your preferred day, we need you to order at least one dozen of them so it makes sense for us to bake them up from scratch. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us maximize our time and resources!

Can we bring our group in and tour Oh My Cupcakes!?

Of course! We frequently host tours for daycares, schools and other organizations. To best manage our space and accommodate our other guests, groups of at least six people and less than 30 people work best. If your group is larger than 30, we’re happy to work in a rotation of several smaller groupings at a time. Fill out our inquiry form online and we'll get back to you about scheduling!

Can my group rent your facility for our party, shower or event?

Yes! We are delighted that our new home has a private party room which can allow for bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, and a multitude of fun gatherings. Our semi-private party room holds roughly 12-15 people. Fill out our inquiry form online and we'll get back to you about scheduling!

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