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Frequently Asked Allergy & Nutrition Questions

We're here to answer all of your questions regarding allergies and nutritional information for all of our Oh My Cupcakes! menu items. If you have any questions, please ask for a manager upon a visit or phone call to our store.

Do you have any food allergy information?
We use a number of nut extracts, including almond extract, in our delicious cupcakes and made-from-scratch frostings. If you have any nut sensitivities, you may want to refrain from consuming our products. We also use fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk and wheat. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these, we recommend you refrain from consuming our products.

Do you sell Gluten Free Cupcakes?
We do! We offer gluten free cupcakes several days per week, after overwhelming guest request. You can find the rotation of gluten free cupcake flavors here. After a lot of research and recipe development, we created our recipes to be as close to our signature Oh My Cupcakes! recipes as possible, only in a gluten free option. Here is some important information you should know regarding gluten free at Oh My Cupcakes:

Do you have nutritional information on your cupcakes and frostings?
I like to say that anything baked in our kitchen has the calories baked right out of it! Just kidding … I know, I know, they do contain calories. We bake from scratch and use fresh, real ingredients like milk, butter, eggs and sugar. They are not low-calorie. We don’t have nutritional info on our lovely sweet treats as of yet, but if you’re super concerned, we always like to recommend our mini cupcakes. Minis are just two to three bites and are a nice way to enjoy a treat without going overboard on your healthy eating plan.

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