Oh My Cupcakes! Manifesto

What Oh My Cupcakes! is all about:

We are about delicious cupcakes and beautiful things. We are about the delicate, sometimes intangible aesthetic that turns life from a simple tune into an exquisite symphony.

We are about providing a distinctive layer to moments of joy and celebration, and sometimes providing comfort to seasons of sadness.

We believe in the good of others, and believe that a smile and a kind word will create a ripple effect that can change lives.

We are about giving generously for the benefit of our community and our world. We are about welcoming people into our stores as we would welcome them into our home, with warmth and hospitality.

We are about the effervescent giggles and bubbling laughter of children.

We are about love and shared joy not only for our guests, but also for one another.

We are about elevating people, elevating moods, and elevating a space with the love and care we put into each sweet treat.

We are about learning and growing to create our highest good, so we can meet the highest good in others.

We are about faith in a God who makes all things possible even when those things are beyond what we can conceive.

We love everyone, everywhere, every time, regardless of their faith feelings towards the God of our understanding.

We are about wholly savoring every minute of life, from the generous bites to the small crumbs.

We are about grace. We are about grace. We are about grace. We are about granting it as intentionally to ourselves as we are about washing it generously over others.

And yes, we make delicious, baked-from-scratch cupcakes. We do it all of this with love.

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