With our Bestie Brunch, you get two hours of dedicated time and space for you and your girls to spill the tea or just find that we’ve got to get together you’ve been searching for. Our Bestie Brunch team will serve you with a generous selection of fresh and beautiful fruits, meats, and cheeses, delightful sweets, treats, and cupcakes (of course) and, oh wait... did someone say cocktails?

Choose "Tipsy" (with bottomless, wine-based sips) or "Temperance" (non-alcoholic options only) when booking your Bestie Brunch package.


April Showers Bestie Brunch - Temperance

April Showers Bestie Brunch - Tipsy

Easter 2023 Bestie Brunch - Child Add-On

Easter 2023 Bestie Brunch - Parent + 1 Child

Easter 2023 Bestie Brunch - Temperance Ticket

Easter 2023 Bestie Brunch - Tipsy Ticket

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