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Gender Reveal Results: 2023

Melissa J.  |  01.08.2024

You may or may not know that the Cupcake Ninjas L-O-V-E a celebration. You'll even see it noted in our Cupcake Manifesto.

The ✨Magical Cupcake Kitchen✨ is honored whenever new parents ask for our help to announce the pending arrival of a new family member.

Every year the Cupcake Ninjas play a little game where we keep track of each gender reveal we get to create to see if we get to celebrate more boys or girls joining the world.

So, how did things shake out in 2023?

  • Girls: 50
  • Boys: 45

Let the game begin for a new year!

Want to be play the game with us in 2024? Give us a call at (605) 310-6742 to talk to our Cupcake Ninjas about how we can help you spread the news about your new bundle of joy.

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