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2024 Easter Egg Drop - Clue #3

Melissa J.  |  03.21.2024

Two parks per day is what you will find. Look high, look low, and remember to be kind!

The bunnies have worked so very hard this year, so that you can find prizes and a sweet bit of cheer.

One special egg holds a $50 gift card! Another chance to win comes from posting pics; it’s not hard!

Use #ohmycupcakes as you make your Facebook or Insta posts, so we can giggle along with you and do a little Easter toast!

Here are today’s clues, don’t you fret. Just enjoy the parks and make this the best year yet!

Today's Clues:

Location #1
From hundreds-of-years-old burial mounds to (listen close) some wild sounds, my view over the City is by far, one of the best around!!

Location #2
I’m a beautiful park with three main elements: water, rocks, and plants. I am rooted in culture and tradition. My life began in 1926, but my care was neglected until 1984. I bloom into a colorful oasis in the spring, perfect for beautiful photos or a stroll.

Need a little help? Here's an interactive map of Sioux Falls City Parks.

Ok, there’s your start, now go and have fun! And remember to share, so there’s fun for EVERYONE.

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