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Love Doesn’t Just Happen Once

Melissa J.  |  02.17.2024

I get asked the question all the time:

What makes your cupcakes different?

Now with a baked- from-scratch product like ours there are of course things like high-quality ingredients and attention to detail that make them great.

But over and again I’ll tell you: It’s the LOVE.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14 , and it’s always a big day for us. But, we don’t just love ONE day a year. Our team *loves* on the other 364 days of the year, too.

What do I mean? Check this out:

Last week, Angela ran a delivery before noon. As she pulled up to the customer’s address, she realized she had forgotten the frosting shot that was supposed to be part of the order. Darn it!

She felt so bad. She apologized and let our guest know that she’d return a bit later with it. So, a couple hours later, Angela pulled up to the same house, this time with two frosting shots (because if we make a mistake, we want to make it TWICE as right, if possible.)

When the customer opened the front door, she was in tears. I don’t know what happened exactly, I just know we’ve all had days like that: the kind that start out ok and just fall apart through the day.

Angela held out the frosting shots, but also extended her empathy and love. Here’s what the customer wrote in the Sioux Falls Dine, Delivery and Takeout group on Facebook:

I know high contact delivery would not be everyone’s choice, but I was more than ok with it yesterday. Angela, delivering from Oh My Cupcakes!, could see I had been crying and offered a hug and a listening ear. A reminder you can definitely make a difference in someone's day. Support Oh My Cupcakes!, they hire great people.

- Cherrie Stoos

It really IS about love.

Sure, it’s about the big things like Valentine’s Day, but it’s also about every single interaction. Every single time. Knowing that we really do have the power to make a difference in someone’s life.

And you know I’ve gotta point out that if Angela hadn’t forgotten the frosting shot the first time, there never would have been an opportunity for a hug and conversation on the second time. Serendipity.

And can we just talk about Angela for a minute? She could have made a choice to ignore tears and just leave. But she extended her arms and her heart and created what we are all desperately seeking: CONNECTION.

Our Cupcake Ninjas really, truly care about you. And that, my friends, is even sweeter than any cupcake ever could be.

With blessings and gratitude,
Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas

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