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A 2011 like we'd never imagined

Melissa J.  |  01.07.2012

How could we have ever imagined this? I had big dreams when I started Oh My Cupcakes!, but I never could have even imagined where we are today. 2011 brought us many new staff members added to the OMC family. It saw a few of our long-time and dearly loved staff move on to pursue what their heart was leading them towards. And even though we miss them, it makes me so happy to know that that they followed their dreams and went for it because I remember what that feeling was like. . .to be RIGHT on the cusp! Sidebar: If you have a dream, don't wait: Go for it! Pay no attention to the voices of negativity. If you have a dream, do one thing every single day that will bring you one step closer. Do not wait for tomorrow, begin right this second! *Ahem* Ok. Thanks for listening, back to the blog.

This year brought us into the new adventure of nationwide shipping. It was such hard work to figure out how to ship those delicious and beautiful cupcakes across the country, but we figured it out and got it done! Now families and friends are sending cupcakes to THEIR families and friends all over the lower 48.

My husband made the leap, leaving his fulltime job and coming to work at OMC in 2011, bringing our male ratio on our staff to. . .well. . .10%. But those two males make sure we have everything we need to run a successful business, to rock out catering events, and to lift all heavy things. They also change lightbulbs, for which we are eternally grateful.

So what will 2012 bring for OMC? Well, first and foremost, it looks as if we will soon have news to spread about a second location! This is very exciting news to us. . .and hopefully to you as well! Also, another "Little Cupcake" will join the OMC family, in about 7 weeks from what the mom-to-be's doctor says!

Whatever 2012 shapes up like, we know one thing for certain: We will be happy and successful because of your support and loooove...of Oh My Cupcakes!

Make it an amazing 2012, God bless you, and we can't wait to see you in the store (or stores!) soon!


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