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Be an "elevator" today

Melissa J.  |  06.23.2023

Elevators are people movers, equipped to take people where they need to go. Capable of moving people up a few floors in a building or taking them down to a destination somewhere below. Elevators don’t go in either direction without someone pushing their buttons and telling them what to do.

You can be an elevator today, too: you can lift people up. But the difference between you and an elevator? People will push your buttons all day long, but you still get to decide where you take them: up or down. And no matter how those buttons are pushed, lifting someone up is always the right answer.

How have you lifted someone up today? Let’s spend today working to elevate people, to lift them up, to bring them to a higher destination. If you’re like me, you’ll find that when you do that, you also somehow feel a little lighter, a little higher, a little taller when you elevate those around you. Be an “elevator” today.

With blessings and gratitude,

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