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Because we've gotta do something . . .

Melissa J.  |  05.22.2013

Do you feel like we do when you watch the news and see what's going on in Oklahoma City? We feel pretty helpless here, knowing that we WANT to help, knowing that God is moving our hearts to take action even beyond giving money, but not knowing just how.  We are humbly offering you an opportunity to help, if you'd like.

You may remember that in January, our head baker Brianna and her family moved to OKC.  We have other friends there as well in ministry at <a href="">OKC Community Church</a>, and my dear friend Carrie is actually a teacher in Moore, OK.  We are so grateful that God spared our friends Jared and Brianna and their kids Connor and Emma, and Jamie and Carrie and their Tim and Micah Anne and their homes.  My friend Carrie has always been one of my heroes, but  her heroism in keeping her students at Red Oak Elementary School calm during the tornado and praying that God would protect them, has shown me once again what a wonderful, solid woman of faith she is!  I am so PROUD of our friends!

Still, we here back in SD wonder how we can help our friends and how we can help THEM help others?  Here's our answer.  Jared and Brianna are rolling back into Sioux Falls TODAY and will be picking up supplies to bring back to OKC for the cleanup efforts.  Here are items most needed:

<strong>-Protein bars and wrapped/sealed single-serve snacks</strong>

<strong>-Diapers and baby wipes</strong>

<strong>-Shovels, rakes, saws, tools for cleanup</strong>

<strong>-Heavy duty trash bags</strong>

<strong>-Cases of water and Gatorade</strong>


<strong>-Work gloves</strong>

<strong>-Gift cards</strong> for any of the main chains (Wal Mart, Target, Sam's Club, Home Depot, etc) where they could buy supplies when they get closer to OKC to purchase the much-needed supplies.

<strong>Here's the important details:</strong>  They are leaving on SATURDAY so if you are led to donate, all donations must be dropped off to Oh My Cupcakes! at 4th and Main prior to our store close on Friday at 6 pm.  It would be cool if we filled their van so full that we had to rent them a U Haul trailer to pull behind on the way back.  We aren't asking you or pleading with you to donate, just trying to provide you with an opportunity, as I know so many people are just like we are. . .feeling helpless and wanting to <em>JUST DO SOMETHING</em>.  Here's your chance.  Call us if you have questions at 605.310.6742.  And thanks for being such a great community of giving!

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