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God Can Move Cupcakes

Melissa J.  |  03.30.2011

Yikes! Over a month since I've blogged? How can that be? Time flies, my friends, when you're having fun.

I had a lengthy and well-thought out blog post all composed for you this morning, and as I hit "Publish", it disappeared. Stupid technology, sometimes. Oh well.

Perhaps my original words weren't the ones you needed to hear this morning. So let me start over, and let me update you on a few things we've been working on behind the scenes:

-Tomorrow is our 1 year Birthday in the store at 4th and Main. One year already? How can that be? Weren't we just moving in, and putting newspaper over the windows so we could unveil it on opening day...just a few days ago? It's been an amazing year and we are so grateful for your continued support. I can't even convey with words the depth of my appreciation and awe at what this year has been.

-We've been growing again. It's like a kid outgrowing their jeans! When my son Brandon gets taller and taller and I look at him and think "Didn't I just buy those jeans for you a few weeks ago? I know for a fact that I did not buy you capris!" Well, that's sort of what it's been like in the store. Keeping up with demand, and yet correctly judging our stock so we don't have a TON of waste at the end of a day (on those occasional slow days) is a challenge. It's one we are always working on, trying to improve our processes and make sure YOU get the best.

-We've been working on that nationwide shipping. It's been, at times, a frustrating little bugger for me. I've passed self-imposed deadines several times, but we are now SO CLOSE you guys! Soooo close! We are sending out test shipments all over the nation. As we speak, cupcakes are literally travelling through the shipping system on their way to our friend and former employee LaDora in Dallas. I've lost sleep over this. I've prayed about this. I've wondered if it's silly to lose sleep and pray about cupcakes. But my dear friends John and Cristin were in yesterday and we were talking about it. John reminded me that God can (and does) move mountains. He reminded me that moving a gourmet, swirly-frosting-morsel-of-deliciousness from one side of the country to the other (intact) is not unlike moving mountains. He said that in fact, he thought it would be silly if I WASN'T praying about it. Made me feel a lot better. I simply want the best for YOU as our customers. See, if you ship cupcakes to Aunt Mable for her birthday and they arrive all smooshed and wonky, we think Aunt Mable won't be too impressed (and neither will you). We want THE VERY BEST from your experience at Oh My Cupcakes! So that's why it's taking a while. But soon...very very soon...we will be "flipping that switch" on the website and you will be able to ship our cupcakes anywhere in the lower 48 that your heart desires!

-I've been working on staff development. I think, as a boss, it's my job to help those on our staff become the best version of themselves that they can. It's important to me that I know what their goals are, what they want in life, so that I can do whatever I can do to help them achieve that. Even if that means their passion is not in making cupcakes. I still want the best for them, whether here or there. So I've been reading a lot about leadership. I've been working at trying to be the best leader I can be. And I've been reminding them that we are all leading someone. Who are you leading today, and in which direction are you leading?

-Finally, we've got a BIG surprise for you tomorrow when you walk in the doors for our 1 yr Birthday Bash. I hope we can pull it off. I'm excited! I'm nervous. It's a grand adventure, and I'd have it no other way! You'll have to stop in tomorrow to see what the world I'm talking about. Have a great day, and stay out of the frosting!

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