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How Do You Do National Encouragement Day?

Melissa J.  |  09.11.2023

Many of us will never forget where we were on the morning of September 11th, 2001. I was at home with my young daughters, getting Randi off to kindergarten and getting Emily ready for the Grandparents Day program at preschool.


The horrific attacks of September 11th split time into “before” and “after.” I remember going into work that afternoon where I was a DJ at a hard rock radio station. Like many, I was in a daze and I wondered how I was supposed to talk about something as seemingly ridiculous as music and trivia when our world had been forever changed.

But what I remember more clearly than anything in the “after” was how we all came together as a people. I do not remember a time of such unity or shared compassion before or since.


And to that point of unity and compassion, September 12th has now become National Day of Encouragement. Beauty from ashes. So let’s honor today and celebrate tomorrow.


How do you celebrate a National Day of Encouragement? Easy!

  1. Send a cheerful note in the mail to someone.
  2. Go out of your way to tell someone about the positive impact they’ve had on you.
  3. Tell a coworker they’re doing a great job.
  4. You can always leave an extra tip for the barista who makes your morning coffee or send someone flowers or cupcakes.


Really, the encouragement itself is FREE. It costs you nothing, but means everything to the one receiving it. And since everyone can use a little encouragement, let me send some your way right now:


You’re doing a great job. You’re doing better than you think. I see you. Keep going. I believe in you. 

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