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How To: Freeze Your Cupcakes

Melissa J.  |  12.15.2023

If you’re like me, you *try* to pretend you don’t play favorites when it comes to cupcakes, but some flavors just transcend above all the rest.

It’s the seasonal flavors that capture my attention. Whether it’s the zing of our Lemonberry Sunshine (in my world that’s aka lemon blueberry divine goodness) or a rookie hotshot like Cranberry Orange Bliss (did you have it in November? Because YUM), I’m all about the flavors that are here today, and gone by the next full moon.

But what’s a girl (or guy) to do when you know your favorite flavor won’t be in the shop the next time you are?

I’ll tell you what: you freeze them.

Yep. Simple as that.

Did you know our cupcakes freeze really well? They sure do.

The best way they freeze is in our plastic packaging. And *officially* I’d say you could freeze them right in that little plastic packaging and save them for a few months.

But unofficially? I just pulled a couple of Peanut Butter Cheesecake cupcakes out of my freezer on Sunday and guess what?

They were incredibly delicious. And they’ve been lounging out in the bottom of my freezer since cupid himself paid a visit nearly a year ago.

Am I saying you SHOULD keep them in the freezer that long? Nah. I’m just saying you *could*.

But my bet is that you’ll open up the drawer someday looking for a bag of freezer-burned California blend veggies . . . and you’ll come across this treasure saved from your favorite seasonal month at Oh My Cupcakes!.

And then you’re going to go, “Yep, this looks like supper tonight.”

Freeze away. Enjoy whenever you want. You’re welcome.

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