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Like Nothing I've Ever Seen

Melissa J.  |  08.15.2018

I’ve heard of Harrod’s. Sure, of course I’ve heard of the department store in London. It’s big, right? It’s like a Neiman-Marcus or a big Macy’s, right?

Oh, you silly, silly girl.

I had no idea what to expect from Harrod’s in London. The only reason we headed that direction is because I knew Laduree was in the ground floor of Harrod’s. Laduree was one of the planned stops on the tour (read that post in a few moments!) but I didn’t know what to expect from Harrod’s.

Stop in while we’re on our way to Laduree? Sure, why not!

Harrod’s is like nothing I’d ever seen before. Picture floors and floors, thousands of square feet of luxury. Opulence. Dare I say it? I do. Excess. Excess as far as the eye could take in.

What I didn’t expect though, were cupcakes. And cakes. And delicious desserts galore. In fact, I’m just going to leave all of these drool-inducing photos right here for your enjoyment.

Have you ever seen such a thing? A sari cake? Unimaginable detail.

Many times called Fairy Cakes, aren’t these just dainty and beautiful?

Can you even imagine? Notice the pricing on this guy. 270 pounds. Which is about $300 or so.

Again. Everything edible. Please, can I have this entire cake to myself with a fork in my living room while binge-watching Netflix?

Ah yes. Cupcakes. Delectable flavors. Interesting presentation. This trip has been all about observing and learning (ok, and eating, too) and we’ve done a lot of each!

Again, with the exquisite detail. And again with the pricing. All of that customization takes time, and time sure does cost money.

Unicorn cakes are all the rage in the United States and beyond! Don’t you love the sherbet-looking ombre effect? (Especially with the ganache drizzled over top.)

Nutella is EVERYWHERE in Europe! But this is the first time I’d seen Nutella x Oreo! Nice touch, having both of them in one creation. I’m predicting you’ll see a Nutella cupcake in our near future.

Overall, Harrod’s was unexpected. I thought we would find what we were looking for at Laduree. But we found delightful creations before we had even arrived at our intended destination.

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