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Like That? Try This! Cupcake Recommendations: Part I

Melissa J.  |  01.27.2023

Did your favorite cupcake take a winter break, and now you're not sure what to order instead? We can help!

Our Cupcake Ninjas put their heads together to create this handy guide to help you find a new flavor for you!

Like Caramel By The Sea? Try ...

Missing Caramel By The Sea this season? You're not alone; we get asked about this one a lot!

We suggest: Triple Chocolate Meltdown

Why? Triple Chocolate Meltdown doesn't have the caramel or sea salt, but it still includes the rich chocolate ganache in the center, and our signature chocolate cake.

Like Brunette? Try ...

We suggest: Party Animal

Why? Party Animal also features our signature chocolate cake, and it is still delicious and dressed for a party. Not sold? Triple Chocolate Meltdown is a good option, too!

Like Caramel Nut Roll? Try ...

We suggest: Bing-A-Ling

Why? Our Winter menu doesn't include any cupcakes with caramel, but if you're looking for the same texture components of the Caramel Nut Roll, the Bing-A-Ling also features the combination of smooth, fluffy, and crunchy, plus the saltiness from the peanuts!

Like Chocolate Cookie Monster? Try ...

We suggest: Cookie Monster

Why? Sure, it's kind of the opposite of our Chocolate Cookie Monster (vanilla bean cake instead of chocolate). But, Cookie Monster also includes the delicious ball of cookie dough baked into the center, along with our joyfully sweet cookie dough buttercream.

Bonus tip: we recommend putting either version in the microwave for about 8 seconds to warm it up and get the cookie dough inside to a state of ooey-gooey goodness!

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