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Like That? Try This! Cupcake Recommendations: Part II

Melissa J.  |  02.02.2023

Did your favorite cupcake take a winter break, and now you're not sure what to order instead? We can help!

Our Cupcake Ninjas put their heads together to create this handy guide to help you find a new flavor for you!

Like Cloud 9? Try ...

We suggest: Cupid's Kiss

Why? Cupid's Kiss still has the delicious Vanilla Almond cake, but is a step up with cherry added into the cake. Not sold? You could also try Pleasantville; it has a similar flavor of a birthday cake, but still carries our Vanilla Bean buttercream on top tinted in a gorgeous Tiffany Blue color.

Like Strawberry Fields? Try ...

We suggest: Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Why? Chocolate Covered Strawberry shares a delicious Strawberry flavor inside the cake, and is topped with the sliced strawberries! This flavor is available ONLY in the month of February.

Like Cookie Cutter? Try ...

We suggest: Cookie Monster

Why? Cookie Monster includes the same delicious cookie dough buttercream, but will feature a vanilla bean cake instead of a vanilla almond cake. It also includes the cookie dough in the center.

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