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Like That? Try This! Spring Menu 2023 Cupcake Recommendations - Part 2

Melissa J.  |  04.14.2023

Did your favorite cupcake take a spring break, and now you're not sure what to order instead? We can help!

Our Cupcake Ninjas put their heads together to create this handy guide to help you find a new flavor for you!

Like Cupid's Kiss? Try ...

We suggest: Lemon Drop

Why? If you're looking for something with a fruity/tart profile, go for the Lemon Drop. If you like the Vanilla Almond cake, we suggest Cookie Cutter because it's made from the same kind of cake, just without the cherries.

Like Caramel Nut Roll? Try ...

We suggest: Caramel By The Sea

Why? We don't have anything on our Spring Menu that features peanuts right now, but if you love caramel, don't hesitate to order fan-favorite Caramel by the Sea.

Like Cloud9? Try ...

We suggest: Cookie Cutter

Why? If you're looking for something made with our Vanilla Almond cake, Cookie Cutter is your cupcake. Alternatively, if you want something with a vanilla flavor with vanilla buttercream, we suggest Pleasantville.

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