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Like That? Try This! Spring Menu 2023 Cupcake Recommendations - Part 3

Melissa J.  |  04.21.2023

Did your favorite cupcake take a spring break, and now you're not sure what to order instead? We can help!

Our Cupcake Ninjas put their heads together to create this handy guide to help you find a new flavor for you!

Like Old School? Try ...

We suggest: Triple Chocolate Meltdown

Why? If you're feeling chocolatey, absolutely go for the the Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Otherwise, if you're looking for something featuring our Vanilla Bean cake, you want Pleasantville.

Like Mr. Grumpypants? Try ...

We suggest: Mintastic!

Why? If you want something with the Oreos in the cake much like Mr. Grumpypants, we think you'll enjoy Mintastic! If you're more interested in something chocolate, we suggest the Triple Chocolate Meltdown.

Like Chocolate Covered Strawberry? Try ...

We suggest: Strawberry Fields

Why? If you want that sweet, summery strawberry flavor, you can't go wrong with Strawberry Fields.

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