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Oh My Cupcakes! Partners with AR Workshop for Sweet Treat Make & Take

Melissa J.  |  07.06.2023

Story by Elle Dickau, courtesy of Dakota News Now.

AR Workshop and Oh My Cupcakes! are coming together in a sweet way.

“This weekend, we have collabed with Oh My Cupcakes!,” said Hannah Kelly with AR Workshop. “We will be doing a two-segment part where she will be teaching everyone how to decorate cupcakes, and they will leave with three finished cupcakes with all of the fun techniques that they do. Then we’ll teach everyone how to make a mini tray — same kind of thing where we get to teach the different techniques with the colors that we have for our paint and our stain and adding extras on there if they so wish to.”

While cupcakes and crafting are two very different things, it seems they work well together.

“Because of the diversity, someone who might not necessarily list decorating at the top of their list, maybe they do love this type of painting and stencils and woodwork, so it really appeals to those people. And the people who think, ‘I don’t really want to be in a workshop necessarily, but Oh My Cupcakes! — that’s my way in.’ It’s a little bit of best worlds for people who aren’t going in one or the other direction.”

Even if you don’t think you’re creative, this event could still be perfect for you.

“It’s really fun watching people come in, and all the time I’ll hear people say, ‘Oh, I don’t have any artistic skill. I don’t know what I’m doing.’ And we do break it down step by step — your raw materials in front of them — and then we use a stencil as a guide. So if you can’t draw, that’s fine. We will show you how to create a beautiful project that you’ll enjoy for years to come.”

As for future events, both companies are hoping to collaborate again.

“We do have one more of these events on August 19, and then finding ways to work together in the future. Oh My Cupcakes! is really excited to be promoting different events, and AR Workshop has such a variety of ways that they can be engaged with the community, so I hope we find many ways to work together.”

If you’re looking for a sweet way to spend your weekend, you can head over to AR Workshop and check out their event with Oh My Cupcakes. Click here to see AR Workshop's full list of classes and save your spot for upcoming collaborations with Oh My Cupcakes!.

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