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Short and Sweet...Like me!

Melissa J.  |  10.23.2011

Whew! What an amazing, spectacular, roller coaster of a ride it has been the past few months! We've been so blessed to keep experiencing exponential growth within our business, and we wake up each day wondering what God will bring us next! We appreciate you so so much!

Our shipping, which you watched us agonize over so much at the beginning, has now really taken off, and we are excited to see what the Christmas holiday season brings us. We hope to do a lot of business-to-business thank you's over the Christmas season both locally and nationally. Exciting stuff, and we owe EVERYTHING to you, dear loyal and "sweet" customer!

I said Short and Sweet is just like me. . .and that much is true. But the "sweet" part? Well. . .you've got that one wrapped up all on your own. God's blessings!

Melissa and the Oh My Cupcakes! crew of Ninjas

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