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Strange Days, my friends...

Melissa J.  |  01.24.2011

Jim Morrison of The Doors wrote a song about Strange Days. He also wrote a song called People are Strange. I would say, overall, that those two songs have defined a large portion of my day. Today was not a good day. It was not a bad day. Today was, simply, a strange day. So what is the first thing I ask myself when confronted with the weirdness that overcame most of the day today? The question we all should be asking ourselves every day: What did I learn from it?

The situations themselves are not important. No, situations will come and go and will change each day. What I'm more interested in, after all the dust has cleared, is what I've learned for next time. Today I learned that sometimes, people aren't looking for you to make it better. Sometimes, people simply want to complain so that you will listen. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sometimes there is no adequate solution. I learned today that I simply do not have all the answers. (Surprise!)

I also learned that I'm stronger than I think I am. I said "no" in a situation where it was appropriate to say no. I used to say "yes" and then regret. I'm learning to say NO, mean it, and move on. It feels like I'm growing up, and it feels good. :)

And now, here at the end of this day, I'm acutely aware of how much I LOVE coming home to my family at night. I can vent about the weirdness of my day and I can rest assured that I won't be judged by them. My son can do cartwheels off the back of the couch, I can laugh, and know that what happens in my life at the END of the day is more important to me than any strangeness-filled situation that comes my way. Yes, I can sigh, breathe deeply, and know that all of the strange people who fill my home and fill my heart with love. . .those are the ones who matter.

Go shine God's love on someone...


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