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What is it about cupcakes?

Melissa J.  |  12.07.2010

What is it about cupcakes? So simple, so sweet...these little personal-sized treats are just filled with love. That's what first hooked me. I love the idea that each person gets their own. I love the idea that you don't have to share. I love the idea that you can send a smile and a sweet to someone without sending a huge dessert (or even having to cook or bake on your own, for that matter.) Cupcakes simply make people smile.

When I launched Oh My Cupcakes!, I really wanted to help share those smiles with people. I've travelled nationwide and visit as many cupcake shoppes a I can. Each time I walk into a new shoppe and discover their style, their flavors and their ambience, I enter with wonderment and excitement. I look at things from the perspective of a new customer and not like a business owner. I love to be captured once again by that feeling of walking into a new place and enjoying the soft colors, the smells and the d├ęcor instead of comparing what they do to what Oh My Cupcakes! does. I like to just enjoy. I hope you enjoy when you come into our humble little shoppe. It's my sincere hope that we can make you feel a little like a kid again. Or at least, like you've walked into a place where time has no hold on you and conversation flows easily. I hope you savor flavors and tastes, and that Oh My Cupcakes! brings you...a smile.

In forthcoming blog posts, expect to see a little bit about what makes us tick. Expect to learn more about our processes in testing new flavors, in managing big orders, and in hoping for the very best experiences our customers can have. My two passions in life: Words and Cupcakes. I'm excited to be able to put them together and interact with you. Thank you for reading!


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