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What Makes You Smile?

Melissa J.  |  08.20.2014

This morning as I was getting ready for work, my little dude and I were watching the news and I asked him if there was anything good happening in the world. He said, "not really, mom." So I told him we would have to make our own good news.

Last night I posted a picture on our Oh My Cupcakes! facebook page of Jodi, who has been one of my friends for a long time, giving a hug to our Govindey, who works here and brings us such joy each day. Coming across the picture in my phone last night  made me smile and I wanted to share the moment. I simply asked the question, "What made you smile today?"

With the over 160 personal responses on our page, you all have proven that this world is FULL of good news each day, if only we choose to see it. I had no idea that when I posted a simple picture last night, asking "what made you smile today?" that it would garner so many inspiring comments. I wish the media had a way to focus their attentions on people determined to keep a positive outlook in the midst of a car accident and job loss or on a little girl and her family who have bravely fought their way through her brain tumor to her first day of kindergarten, or on a little boy who tells another not to be scared of the first day of school, holds his hand and says he will be his friend . . . or even on a teacher with great toenails.

You gave these cupcake ninjas so many "awwww" moments in the kitchen as we read through these great and sometimes ordinary moments on our facebook page.  I sat in my office and just cried as I read them over and over. I cried because you shared your lives with us; your moments. I cried because this is a big and beautiful and gorgeous mess of a chaotic world, isn't it? I cried because kids are going back to school and interns are leaving for the summer and people are fighting cancer and some are winning and some are not.  I cried until a couple of the ninjas came in and said, "are you really ok today?" And through my tears I had to assure them that yes, I was just fine, really. . . promise.  I cried because I was humbled and reminded once again that this is about WAY more than cupcakes.

We are also doing many random acts of cupcakes all throughout Sioux Falls today, and continuing the work you have done by spreading kindness, love, joy and smiles throughout this community. With blessings and gratitude, Melissa

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