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June 2013 Seasonal Cupcakes

This month, Oh My Cupcakes! is featuring three seasonal cupcakes. We have a couple returning favorites, one of which is just in time for Father’s Day — the Dude’s Maple Bacon — the other is our Strawberry Shortcake. We also have a brand new creation that we’re really excited for everyone to try. It’s called Mr. GrumpyPants!

Create an order for in-store pick up, local delivery or nationwide shipping today, and enjoy these seasonal treats while they last! Below is more information about each of our June seasonal cupcakes.

Dude’s Maple Bacon

A dude’s (and dad’s) delight! A light cinnamon maple cupcake with bacon folded into the batter, topped with a light cinnamon vanilla buttercream and pieces of real bacon.

Available the week of June 10-15 only!

Mr. GrumpyPants

Our signature chocolate cupcake is filled with fudge Oreo cookies and infused with whipped chocolate mousse, then topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and a crushed fudge Oreo cookie garnish. This tantrum-tamer will take care of ANYONE’S grumpy pants, guaranteed!

Available: June 1-30, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Strawberry Shortcake

A light and refreshing summertime treat! Our signature vanilla bean cake is infused with strawberry preserves, topped with dreamy whipped cream, garden fresh strawberries, and a little glitter for added sass.

Available: June 1-30, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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