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August 2013 Seasonal Cupcakes

We have three new seasonal cupcakes this month that we just know you’re going to love. All three flavors are available for nationwide shipping, too!

Create an order for in-store pick up, local delivery or nationwide shipping today, and enjoy these seasonal treats while they last! Below is more information about each of our August seasonal cupcakes.

Cotton Candy

Revisit the whimsy and nostalgia of a sweet childhood treat. Our delicately swirled pink velvet and blue velvet cupcake is filled with the classic sweetness of cotton candy. Topped with cotton candy buttercream and fun shimmer, you don’t have to pay gate admission to enjoy this trip to the festival.

Available August 1-31, Wednesday & Saturday
Size: Standard, Mini

Extreme Key Lime

A luscious lime cupcake infused with sweet and tart Key lime curd, topped with rich cream cheese frosting and garnished with a sweet little lime candy. A lovely combination of sweet, tart, and a little sassy.

Available: August 1-31, Tuesday & Friday
Size: Standard, Mini

Raspberry Lemonade

Our signature lemon cupcake infused with raspberry filling, then topped with swirls of raspberry and lemon buttercream. Finished off with a fun straw, it tastes like a cool summer refreshment in a cute little paper liner.

Available: August 1-31, Monday & Thursday
Size: Standard, Mini

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