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Blue Frosting and a Blue Dress

When you can go to bed at the end of your day and rest well, in your heart knowing without a doubt that you fulfilled your mission statement . . . that’s a good day.

I had gotten a call from my friend yesterday afternoon. “How do you make blue frosting? I’ve got a little girl in a car seat and she wants to make a blue cake today because she’s wearing a blue dress.”  This little girl with big eyes and long lashes is only three years old and I knew that she wasn’t really interested in making frosting, she wanted to spread the frosting onto her cake and decorate with it. Making frosting isn’t fun. Decorating with frosting is the fun part.

“Basically you come up and you get some blue frosting from me, that’s how you do it,” I answered. So up to Oh My Cupcakes came my friend and the little girl with her big eyes and long lashes and blue dress. He and I tried to start a conversation about our kids and their summer but she interrupted quickly.

“But . . . where do you keep the blue frosting?” She was having none of the conversation; she was on a blue frosting mission and our conversation was keeping her from it.

I smiled.  “We keep it in the back.  Do you want to come back into the Magical Cupcake Kitchen with me and help me get some for you?”  She smiled wide and shook her head.

“You stay here!” she told my friend, holding her hands out to show him that we could do this all on our own.  Hand in hand, back to the kitchen she and I went, taking some frosting from our supply and putting it into a bowl she could take home with her.

She looked around with her big eyes at the vast kitchen and the oversized ovens and mixers around her.  One of the cupcake ninjas asked her, “What kind of a cake are you going to make tonight?”

“A blue one, with pink sprinkles.”

I asked this little girl with big eyes and long lashes, “Does Travis have pink sprinkles at his house? Maybe we need to get some pink sprinkles while we’re here, too.”

“That’s it!” she exclaimed with a little jump, pure excitement and joy in her voice, waving her hands for emphasis, “Sprinkles are JUST what we need!” So she and I set about putting a few pink sprinkles into containers for her to take along as well. We walked out of the back of Oh My Cupcakes, this little girl holding her supplies firmly, as she announced loudly to the entire dining room, “Travis, I’ve got everything we need to make a cake!”

They sent me lots of pictures last night. They even sent me a video where she was telling the dog that she couldn’t have any frosting because she would get diabetes.  Smart little girl.  It looked like they were having a lot of fun.  Long after that little girl with big eyes and long lashes had probably gone to sleep, blue-frosting-lips and pink-sprinkle-stained fingertips and all, I got a text from my friend that said, “You totally lived out your mission statement today-you made a little girl’s dream come true that woke up wanting to bake a cake that matched her blue dress.”

Yeah, that’s a good day.

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