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We’re Closed on Memorial Day

We’re closed on Memorial Day. It’s a really significant day, and one I think is often overlooked for its truest meaning.

Memorial Day is about taking a day to remember soldiers who have died while fighting for our freedom, and I think that’s pretty important. I have a dad who served in Viet Nam and I know he has many friends who didn’t make it home. The day is about honoring them and so many others who fought to protect what they thought was right and to protect our freedoms. Memorial Day, like the other 364 days in a year, is a day we are free because of the sacrifices they made.

I have tried to teach my kids that it’s not about a half-off sale at a store or an extra day off work . . . it’s about honor and respect. I hope you can take a few moments on Monday and talk to your kids about why you have the day about work. Hit up a Memorial Day service and pause to reflect. Pause and remember. Memorialize. Try to understand the sacrifice . . . although I know that those of us who haven’t known that sacrifice personally never will fully understand.

So we won’t be making cupcakes on Memorial Day. We will see you again on Tuesday morning. Thank you to the many who have given service and sacrifice, from our family at Oh My Cupcakes!

With blessings and gratitude,

Melissa and the Cupcake Ninjas

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